Thursday, August 28, 2014


The narrow gauge engine idles at the station in Silverton, CO.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Spring Travels

It's time to catch up on recent travel.  May and June were full of excitement as Schlepp and his human bounced from coast to coast.  


A conference on crowdsourcing took Karl to the Bay Area in early May.  The view out the Hotel Shattuck window at night looked into the Berkeley Library. 

Here's the venue with panel discussion members in the center and the rest of us around the periphery of the penthouse of the Chase Bank Building.  

The morning before departure, we took a walk and saw this street art.  Google Glass was perfect for this kind of photography.  

 In the Oakland airport, we had a moment for a light snack and a glass of California wine. 


The Institute of Nuclear Material Management regional meeting in Oregon was the draw for us later in May.  Caro came along and Goen took the train down from Seattle. On the Sunday before the conference, we visited the Japanese Garden, which was stunning with it's maples and Rhododendrons. 

Even the Zen rock garden was outstanding.  

At the conference, we discovered that there was another Google Glass explorer.  She was a professor from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. 

During lunch one day we went out to see the dragon boats that race up and down the river every evening.  Very colorful.  


Nephew Peter graduated from Dartmouth in June.  Karl and I were the representatives from NM.  Here's Peter and the rest of the Vermont gang up in the Physics Building. 

It turned into a mini-family reunion with Hank and Norma plus Marcia's sister all on hand.  

Here's David and Peter working on up-side-down milk drinking, a valuble post-graduation skill.  :-)

Paris, Eleven Years Later

Here's a belated posting that never made it out of the draft pile.  Only 2 1/2 years late...

On the way back from Aix-en-Provence, Schlepp stopped for three nights in Paris.  Much easier than doing the entire trip back to NM in a single looooong day.

The weather was cool but the city was full of people.  We got off the TGV at the station and took a scenic taxi ride to the hotel.  Great location--just 100 meters from the Louvre.  We quickly unpacked and headed out for a walk.
We wandered down the gardens in the Touleries and surprisingly there were quite a few flowers blooming.  Lots of people were enjoying the sun even though the temperature was cool.

Scrabble FLASH solver

# A Python program for determining all the possible 3, 4 and 5 letter words
# from a given set of Flash Scrabble letters.
import itertools
targetList = []
wLs = set(wordList)
value = raw_input("Prompt:")
charList = list(value)
for i in [3, 4, 5]:
x = list(itertools.permutations(charList,i))
for s in x:
y = ''.join(s)
ps = set(targetList)
answer = ps.intersection(wLs)
print value
print len(answer),
print "possible words"
for word in list(answer):
print word
print "============================"