Sunday, August 27, 2006


Its nearly the anniversary of Katrina and the finding of Louie. After picking him up on the shoulder of I-40 during a thunderstorm, his stories have formed a framework for much of this year's podcasts, starting just before Christmas. They even lead into episode 20, where Newport the Lion tells about learning how to roar and discovering his courage. I hope to get Caro to crank out her script for the one-year Katrina podcast and get that online by Tuesday.

So far I've managed to keep all my episodes online, tucked into odd corners of cyberspace wherever I can borrow a few megabytes. Check them out and get up-to-date on the SchleppCast before Tuesday's story hits the streets.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Dispatches, Version 3

For 4 1/2 years I've been posting travel stories to my Southwest Cyberport account as sort of a manual blog. Basically, its all handmade HTML, which really slows things down on the input side.

Since April 2005 I've been using Planarchy software to upload a simple static blog. There's the active blog page (version 2) and an archive page (version 1). But now that I'm podcasting, the big audio files are pushing everything else to the side.

Looks like Blogger will offer me free space, so I'll be happy to continue with Travel Schlepp's Dispatches, Version 3 from here.

Meanwhile, here is the link back to the Travel Schlepp website where you can find the original adventures, dispatches, and podcasts.