Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Schlepp Goes Cross-Country

Yesterday Schlepp and Karl got a break from elder care. Along with their friend Ric, they grabbed skis, snowshoes, and packs and went up to Sandia Crest for some winter fun.

Ric had never been on snowshoes before, so he was enlightened with the ease with which he could manuever in the crusty, icy, 4-day old snow. Just the week before, he was defeated in a hike up to the South Crest by two feet of snow.

As you can see, everyone enjoyed the trek up to the Kiwanis Hut. Alas, on the way down, one of Karl's 20-year old Karhu skis finally gave up the ghost, cracking just behind the 3-pin binding plate. Time for some no-wax skis.

BTW, Gert and Henry are doing well. Today the physical therapist took Gert down the hall a goodly distance and back, non-stop. The trip measured 95' one-way, more than far enough to get her to the dinning room down on the first floor. Tomorrow we'll try doing lunch downstairs as well as unpacking the last of the boxes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Update on Telephone Service

Just a quick jot to say that phone service hasn't come online as expected. A technician is going to work on the problem tomorrow. Meanwhile, Gert and Henry's cell phone is the only way to call the new apartment.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Got Gert and Henry into the new apartment and all is well. She's still moving kinda slow but can make it from the curbside all the way up to the 4th floor. Everyone is happy about the look-and-feel of the new place.

When we left they were having dinner with some neighbors from down the hall. Tomorrow Gert starts out with home P/T at the Woodmark--she doesn't have to go back to Health South for out-patient P/T.

I think I'm going to sleep for the next week.

The Big Day

Looks like we're going to survive the big move. Got Henry all packed up, Ty is coming down with some last minute items, and I'll be picking up Gert from Health South around 11:00. Should have them both over to the new apartment by new if all goes as scheduled. Of course all this is contingent on doctor's discharge orders and that moves at the speed of insurance paperwork.

More news later today....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yet Another Sunday Update

Gert's doing well and expected to get "sprung" from Health South Rehab tomorrow. Gotta run now 'cuz we're frantically unpacking all the boxes that came down with the movers on Friday.

Hurry, hurry. Scurry, scurry.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Great Geezer Migration

My good friend Paul McGoey has a remarkable way with words and has deemed this week "the Great Geezer Migration." On Friday morning three movers with a 23-foot van head up to White Rock. Lou and Ty meet them at 10:00 and they load furniture (carefully numbered and labelled) plus something like 19 boxes that have been packed since mid-November.

The movers blast down to Albuquerque and they unload into our pre-planned arrangement of furniture. With Gert still in rehab, we have Sat. and Sun. to "stage" the apartment for Gert's arrival. Whew!

I'm still amazed that on Friday the phone company will turn off good ol' 672-9164 up in White Rock where its been an active number for 39 years. New phone = 881-5146.

Meanwhile, the icy roads prevented an AM visit to Gert but Caro and Henry saw her in the late afternoon. She's doing very well.

Henry has quite an appetite these days. Ty and I cooked up sausages, baked apples, gourmet grits (cream and smoked Gouda), and biscuits--very much the Low Country cooking of the Carolinas. Afterwards Henry had the last couple bits of "spotted dog" bread that we baked on Sunday. Finally he had a bit of egg nog and a chocolate chip cookie from Millie's diner.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yet Another Sunday Update

After a frantic day of Mom-care, driving up to White Rock, packing like crazy, and then driving back to ABQ, Sunday truly is a day of rest. We've got things as ready for the movers as we can.

Its a grey day with snow and rain showers earlier. The forecast promises much colder and snow tomorrow. At least the streets are passable right now. Keeping our fingers crossed for the movers next Friday.

Caro is up at Health South with Gert. After a so-so day Friday and yesterday, she is back on track with improved spirits. The doctor has her scheduled for discharge a week from tomorrow (12/22).

Right now Henry is playing the accordion in the next room and I've a rare chance to put the iPod with a microphone next to him. Earlier he finally got his chance to make pancakes, which traditionally are a Saturday breakfast.

Yesterday, during the hectic packing expedition, Kent and Ty did yeomen's service by taking care of Henry all day from 8 'til 8. They got Mom's collection of crosses up on the wall and Dad got to see the apartment for the first time after painting, shelving and lighting were installed.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Update

Gert is doing fine, comfortably settled in at Health South. She's met the physical therapist and the occupational therapist, nurses, and other staff. Serious rehab starts on Monday. Probably the only complaint would be less than stellar food.

Henry is staying in the guest bedroom and seems to do alright. This morning while I was putting together a crockpot pot roast, he and Caro had a long talk about family care giving, death and dying. He worries more about taxes and is already concerned about next April 15. We assure him that we'll get professional tax help for him.

Schlepp and his human, Karl, are glad to be back home after some really hectic packing in White Rock. Probably one more weekend trip should pull it together. Despite the broken hip, surgery, and rehab, people keep telling us that Gert will be ready to go to the new Woodmark assisted-living apartment on the 19th.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Getting Gert Going

Yesterday the Physical Therapist had Gert up into a chair for lunch. Then a little later, he got her into a walker and they went out into the hall, perhaps 30' or so. It was painful and tiring, but the leg can bear her weight. The hospital is getting Gert a cool 4-wheel walker, in purple, so she can get used to her own personal one instead of using the lenders that PT brings.

A social worker has set things up for discharge on Friday to Health South, a rehab facility in Albuquerque. Henry will come stay with us for awhile, using Frances' room with its new sofa bed. They expect that Gert will be out of rehab in about two weeks, just in time to move into Woodmark Assisted Living.

So despite the drama of the past few days, it looks like there will be little impact on the move out of White Rock. The main thing is that we have to get things packed up pretty well today.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

122 Azure

Schlepp spent a subdued Thanksgiving weekend with the folks up in White Rock, packing the house on Azure. Forty years of living layered into closets, shelves, and nooks have so far been distilled into 14 boxes. Each carefully labeled and its contents written down in a notebook.

Schlepp helped where he could, but he's a little bear and the boxes are big. Some family treasures have come to light--more about that later. The big move will be the 19th, when Gert and Henry leave the house for assisted living in Albuquerque.

But Monday has had its own twist. After a couple doctors appointments in the morning, Gert was getting out of the car and she fell. She has a fractured femur. Surgery is set for 7:30 this morning.