Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Seattle Christmas

It's been awhile since the furry one has taken a trip--that was last August's jaunt to Taipei.  But this holiday season found him in Seattle, visiting PC and Goen.

Of course, any visit to Seattle would be incomplete without a trip to the Pike Street Market.  Here's TS checking out dinner, a pile of iced down Dungeness crab. 

Later as we headed back to the car in the rain, we ducked into Kell's Irish Pub for lunch.  That, of course, meant only one thing to the well-seasoned traveler:  Guinness!

And to top things off, Santa was there...

And he did deliver...

As you can see, the crabs did make a lovely dinner.

The next day we worked off a few calories with a brisk walk around Phinney Ridge.  Here Schlepp horses around on one of the many large yard decorations.

Happy New Year, everyone -- arctophiles and all!