Monday, May 26, 2008

Prius Training

Today's Washington Post has an interesting story about a phenomenon that Schlepp has long been aware of: how Karl's Prius trains you to drive more efficiently. We knew about that long ago when Karl was graphing the mileage of his new Prius with every tank of gas. Mileage kept increasing (to a point) as Karl responded to the two engine-battery performance screens that could be displayed on the console.

Caro went so far as to describe the Prius as a video game disguised as a car. The object of the game was get the highest mileage possible. Fill up at the corner gas station and nearly coast home so you can park it overnight in the garage with 83 mpg on the computer. Drive up to Los Alamos and back (90 miles and 2,000' vertical feet) while not falling under 50 mpg.

Today we came back from a quick weekend trip up to White Rock to visit the parents and help out around the house. We came back via State Road 4, the Valle Grande, the Ponderosa pine nursery at milepost 34, and High Country Gardens in Bernallilo. Even going over a 9,000' pass up by St. Peter's Dome Road, we scored 53.4 mpg.

Hooray, we win!

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