Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Schlepp Goes Traveling

In a surprising turn of events, Travel Schlepp isn't the one traveling this week--Big Schlepp is. Caro is flying home to Myrtle Beach 'cuz Aunt Frances is sick. With Miss Frances in the hospital and not doing so well, Big Schlepp has his work cut out for him.

Here TS gives Big Schlepp some pointers on the use of airline headsets so he can watch the movie ("Kung Fu Panda"--pretty much a bear's kinda movie, don't cha think?)

Because Aunt Frances is ill, the Bear's Home Front Brigade decided to recruit a special bear for remote assignment. Just like we sent Cousin Brown Bear to stay with Bill in the hospital, we've found a special Gund bear for Frances.

He/she is still in the box with its big message of "Follow your Dreams" and has graciously agreed to let Miss Frances name him/her.

Here you can see our Special Agent Bear getting briefed on Bear's Home Front Brigade Security and Safety by Big Schlepp, Newport, the Beautiful Roberta, and the Cat with no Name.

We'll have more updates from Myrtle Beach as soon as Big Schlepp gets there late Thursday and probably a new podcast this weekend.

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