Saturday, April 14, 2012

Halfway 'round the World

This Colombo, Sri Lanka workshop really tops it for travel--48 hrs door to door with a 15-hour layover in Bangkok.  At least the transit hotel near the BKK airport was lovely.  We arrived after midnight and I was happy to collapse into a comfortable bed, even though there was a peculiar window looking into the bathroom.

After the 28 hours of flying, we slept hard and late.  Had the breakfast buffet and then headed off to explore the place.  Orchids were everywhere. 

There was a lovely swimming pool area and on the other side of the hotel, a garden with water features.  Very soothing.

We went to the airport around 4:00 in the afternoon and had an absolutely dreadful flight in coach, complete with screaming kids, uncomfortable seats, and Kent Biringer got a glass of apple juice spilled on him.  But at long last, after four hours of flying and another hour in a taxi, we got to our hotel.  The view from our room on the 25th floor was vast.

More to come...


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