Friday, March 21, 2014


For the first time since September, Karl, Caro and I are on a plane bound for adventure.  This time were heading for Puget Sound and a visit with Gotten and PC.

So far it's between an uneventful trip. The plane is only 2/3 full, so everyone gets a window or an aisle seat.  Of course, we bears get a cushy spot tucked in among Karl's carry-on. 

Right now I'm sitting on top of his Google Glass, a clever device that combines camera, cell phone, web browser, computer, and monitor.  Later we'll upload photos of the day's travel.

Saturday note:  neither ASUS not Droid version of Blogger has a embed picture function.  Will try later through the browser.

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Topher Kohl said...

Looking forward to seeing your most recent posts and photos Schlepp! What have you all been getting up to over the past few months?!