Thursday, October 09, 2008

Schlepp in DC

Schlepp and I finally escaped the World Plone Conference briefly today to take the air, which was surprisingly warm and sunny. We walked down to the Mall and watched the people go by, admired the buildings and monuments from a distance, and quietly reflected.

You see, Aunt Frances, whom we had been hospicing in our spare bedroom back in NM, passed away late yesterday afternoon. She died quietly and peacefully surrounded by her daughter and niece.

Even if Travel Schlepp and I weren't there, Big Schlepp and the entire Home Front Brigade were. Fido and Cousin Middle Schlepp were there, too, and Paddy stayed curled up next to her to the end.

Although we'll miss her, somehow this all feels right... as though in her death was the completion of something important and in its own mysterious way, miraculous. Life's journey takes many unexpected twists and turns. Certainly Aunt Frances life had more than its share and in the end gave us memories and lessons of living that will stay will us all.

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