Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Schlepp's Civic Duty

Schlepp has voted... well, at least his human has. The first attempt, last Wednesday, ended when he walked into a darkened polling place downtown. A power outage had taken out the lights. Even though the voting machines have backup power and procedures exist to keep the balloting going even without power, there was no order or organization and he quickly left. Thursday evening in Ranchitos he had better luck and was finally able to vote.

Amazingly, there are teddy bear political sites out there. The best we've seen is Polar Bears Against Palin. Certainly Chili Bear agrees with that sentiment.

In this photo Chili hangs out with Maddie, Jennie, the Cat with No Name, and the Schlepps.

With a little Googling you'll learn that Bobo is Barack Obama's childhood teddy bear. Its a good thing to have a teddy bear close at times like these. I think Bobo has Secret Service protection.

But whatever your political persuasion, be sure to get out and vote. If you can, vote early. If you can't, vote next Tuesday. A week from now we should know who our next president is.

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