Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Great Geezer Migration

My good friend Paul McGoey has a remarkable way with words and has deemed this week "the Great Geezer Migration." On Friday morning three movers with a 23-foot van head up to White Rock. Lou and Ty meet them at 10:00 and they load furniture (carefully numbered and labelled) plus something like 19 boxes that have been packed since mid-November.

The movers blast down to Albuquerque and they unload into our pre-planned arrangement of furniture. With Gert still in rehab, we have Sat. and Sun. to "stage" the apartment for Gert's arrival. Whew!

I'm still amazed that on Friday the phone company will turn off good ol' 672-9164 up in White Rock where its been an active number for 39 years. New phone = 881-5146.

Meanwhile, the icy roads prevented an AM visit to Gert but Caro and Henry saw her in the late afternoon. She's doing very well.

Henry has quite an appetite these days. Ty and I cooked up sausages, baked apples, gourmet grits (cream and smoked Gouda), and biscuits--very much the Low Country cooking of the Carolinas. Afterwards Henry had the last couple bits of "spotted dog" bread that we baked on Sunday. Finally he had a bit of egg nog and a chocolate chip cookie from Millie's diner.


Mom Thumb said...

McGoey should be careful, he's approaching Geezer status. Or at least Fogie.

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