Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Schlepp Goes Cross-Country

Yesterday Schlepp and Karl got a break from elder care. Along with their friend Ric, they grabbed skis, snowshoes, and packs and went up to Sandia Crest for some winter fun.

Ric had never been on snowshoes before, so he was enlightened with the ease with which he could manuever in the crusty, icy, 4-day old snow. Just the week before, he was defeated in a hike up to the South Crest by two feet of snow.

As you can see, everyone enjoyed the trek up to the Kiwanis Hut. Alas, on the way down, one of Karl's 20-year old Karhu skis finally gave up the ghost, cracking just behind the 3-pin binding plate. Time for some no-wax skis.

BTW, Gert and Henry are doing well. Today the physical therapist took Gert down the hall a goodly distance and back, non-stop. The trip measured 95' one-way, more than far enough to get her to the dinning room down on the first floor. Tomorrow we'll try doing lunch downstairs as well as unpacking the last of the boxes.


Louise said...

I've just come across your page and think its great. I have 9 Schlepps here in Northern Ireland of all different varities. They don't get out as much as your Schlepps but have enjoyed finding your page!

Schlepp said...

Thanks for your kind words. If you haven't found it already, my Schlepp website over at has more stories of his early travels as well as a novella and podcasts.

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