Tuesday, December 02, 2008

122 Azure

Schlepp spent a subdued Thanksgiving weekend with the folks up in White Rock, packing the house on Azure. Forty years of living layered into closets, shelves, and nooks have so far been distilled into 14 boxes. Each carefully labeled and its contents written down in a notebook.

Schlepp helped where he could, but he's a little bear and the boxes are big. Some family treasures have come to light--more about that later. The big move will be the 19th, when Gert and Henry leave the house for assisted living in Albuquerque.

But Monday has had its own twist. After a couple doctors appointments in the morning, Gert was getting out of the car and she fell. She has a fractured femur. Surgery is set for 7:30 this morning.

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Schlepp said...

By way of a follow-up, Gert's surgery took only 27 minutes using a spinal block. The doctor remarked that everything fit back together well. By Tuesday evening she was sitting up and eating.